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LeOpArDx RoM V5.0 Small Package - AROMA
Very Very Smooth --- Very Very Fast --- Battery Very Very Friendly
Simply The Best Than Ever
With Init.d Support --- Fully Deodexed --- All Tweaked



System Details


V5.0 Small Package

-Added 4.3 Framework from Xperia Z2

-Added 4.3 SystemUI "battery icon"
-Added Xperia Z2 Keyboard
-Added 1 4.3 Theme
-Improved Performance
-Added Z2 BootAnimation
-Updated to 4.3/4.4 few apps

V4.9 - AROMA

-Added new Apps , Z2 Apps

-Added new Z2 Media Apps

-Increased Performance
-Fixed decrease speed after long time
- i don't remember
-New BootAnimation Z2
-New Simple Home
-New apps change theme according theme


V4.8 - AROMA

Added PureSwarMAudio V8 BlastX Audio Mod
Added  New Conversation app From 4.3 Z1
Added  PurePerformace'sX More Power 
Added  Cyber-Shot Latest
Added  New Framework Honami
Added  Updated to Latest Media Apps
Increased Performance 

Fixed TaskSwitcher Press Apps (Docomo)

Added new 4.3 Honami Keyboard



Clean Installation

Wiping and Format Cache and System
Flash The LeOpArDx RoM
Fix Permissions
If u have problem with Media Apps ( FORMAT DATA)



-Framework ZU
-Home ZU
-Sounds Mod
-Reboot Option
-Skip Track with Volume Keys
-Wake Up Device with Focus Camera Button
-ZU Media Apps
-ZU Full System Apps
-Status Bar ZU
-ZU Settings
-ZU Quick Toggles
-ZU TaskSwicher
-ZU Sounds
-ZU Bootanimation
-ZU Keyboard
-ZU Wallpapers
-ZU Sketch App
-ZU Task Manager App